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Detailed Geochemical Map of Upper Silesia 1:25 000

Mysłowice map sheet M-34-63-A-d

Geochemical mapping at the scale of 1:25 000, carried out in the Mysłowice Map Sheet M-34-63-A-d area is the continuation of detailed serial mapping works initiated by a pilot project of the Sławków Map Sheet (Lis, Pasieczna, 1999). The project was ordered by the Ministry of the Environment and financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


Introduction – Anna Pasieczna
Characteristics of the map area – Zofia Kowalska, Anna Pasieczna
Geology and mineral deposits – Zofia Kowalska, Anna Pasieczna
Human impacts – Zofia Kowalska, Anna Pasieczna
Materials and methods – Anna Pasieczna
Results – Anna Pasieczna
Conclusions – Anna Pasieczna
Plates 1–63

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